LeaseHawk® is taking flight
with a new communications platform
to elevate the leasing experience
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The Leasing Experience

  • Search
  • Communicate
  • Connect
  • Respond
  • Engage
The LeaseHawk difference gives you the tools you need to measure, refine and improve the leasing experience.

Elevate your response time

ACE™, LeaseHawk's automated conversational assistant, answers prospect calls 24/7 consistently and intelligently and even in Spanish. With 49% of all calls going unanswered, ACE offers a modern approach to the traditional call center for today's apartment hunters.

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Elevate your engagement

The LeaseHawk CRM consolidates all communications into one easy to use interface so you can view an entire sales pipeline on one screen to instantly know where you stand in the leasing process. Every communication is automatically logged, both inbound and outbound, including voice, text and emails. The CRM enables leasing professionals to personally engage with prospects on a whole new level from not just a desktop, but any mobile device.

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Elevate your employees

Improve employee performance without spending countless hours monitoring and evaluating skill gaps. Identify trends, top sales performers and areas needing improvement. Now you can personalize training that focuses on strengthening key behavior areas to quickly elevate employee performance.

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Elevate your results

See where you stand at every level with dynamic reporting. Access to meaningful data, at your fingertips, so you can schedule reports and identify trends. Now, you can constantly measure the ever-changing effectiveness of your marketing and your people, so you can refine and improve.