At LeaseHawk, our focus is to bring emerging technologies to the multifamily industry. Our communications platform was designed to empower you with insight to elevate the key aspects of your business—your people and your marketing. By leveraging mobile technologies, voice recognition, and “big” data you will be able to more effectively manage the relationship with your rental customer. LeaseHawk is responsible for tracking and monitoring millions of dollars in leasing opportunities every year.

We keep a keen eye on what generates results. Our platform is responsible for tracking and monitoring millions of dollars in leasing opportunities every year.

13 million calls processed every year
2.7 million+ first time prospects identified every year
505,00 calls analyzed every year

The platform is loaded with tools, including dynamic analytics, that users can access anytime, anywhere. Identify your best and worst performing ad sources so you can refine your marketing spend. Get insight into your team’s conversion rates and call performance. We help you save money, time and resources so you can elevate your customer engagement, response time, and ultimately your results.


LeaseHawk CEO, Mike Mueller, is no stranger to results or technology innovation. More than 20 years ago he envisioned leveraging the telephone by calling 258-RENT to access apartment information. The idea quickly morphed into AllApartments.com one of the industries first Apartment Listing Services (ILS) which is now under Move.com, a subsidiary of News Corp., a public company. That led to the creation of VaultWare, the industry’s first online apartment reservation system, which was acquired by MRI. All of these ground-breaking innovations helped move the industry forward to where it is today.

The original vision came full circle in 2012 when Mueller acquired a telephony platform from CallSource with the idea of creating a better customer experience by offering the cutting edge solutions found in other industries. The LeaseHawk communications platform, which launched in May of 2015, is truly a game changer by melding telephony and customer relationship management into a mobile application. What makes it innovative is it’s fine tuned specifically for the apartment industry to measure, refine and improve the effectiveness of your marketing and your people.

Once again, Mueller’s vision combined with his seasoned management team will change the way you think about your business!

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